Hotel Indigo Karuizawa is based on ‘security’ and ‘trust’.

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Under these basic principles, we strive to provide safe and comfortable services to our guests.

At Hotel Indigo Karuizawa, we consider the personal information of our guests to be essential in order to provide services that fully satisfy those visiting us. In handling this information, we take great care to protect the privacy of our guests.

It is our intention to ensure that our guests can rely on Hotel Indigo Karuizawa with peace of mind and trust by making every effort to ensure that our officers and employees are fully aware of laws and company regulations regarding personal information, as well as taking every possible step to ensure that personal information of our guests is properly handled and used.


1. Definition of personal data

“Personal information” in this privacy policy refers to the following information about living individuals.

  • In this context, identifiers include names, dates of birth, and any other information that can be used to identify a specific individual.
  • It also includes information containing a personal identification code.


2. Scope of application of the policy

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information obtained by the Hotel when guests use the services and products of Hotel Indigo Karuizawa (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Hotel’) and applies to the use of personal information in any form, including oral, written and electronic records.


3. Acquisition of personal information

The Hotel shall acquire the personal information of the Customer by proper and fair means. You are not obliged to provide personal information to the Hotel, except to the extent required by other provisions of the Hotel or by law, and if you choose not to do so, this shall not prevent you from purchasing goods and services from the Hotel.


4. Purpose of use of personal data

Your personal information will be collected and used for the following purposes.

  • To make reservations for hotel accommodations, banquets, restaurants, etc., and to provide various services for our guests.
  • To make reservations at the IHG ANA Hotels Reservation Center.
  • Provide and manage information about the hotel’s services, products, events, and campaigns.
  • For the purpose of conducting surveys about hotel products, services, etc.
  • In order to develop new services and products for the hotel.
  • Moreover, the hotel will provide and manage information on its products, services, events, and campaigns.
  • Contact with regard to hotel products and services.
  • Providing information about services, products, events, and campaigns by partner companies, etc.
  • Providing responses to enquiries and requests.


5. Disclosure and provision to third parties

The hotel will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties except in one of the following cases. In the case of joint use or provision to subcontractors, this does not constitute disclosure or provision to third parties.

  • The Company shall enter into contracts with subcontractors regarding the handling of personal information and shall exercise appropriate supervision over them.
  • In cases where the customer has consented to the disclosure or provision of personal data.
  • When the disclosure or provision of personal information is required by law.
  • Where it is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property of a person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
  • When it is necessary to cooperate with the State or local authorities in the execution of their official duties and obtaining the consent of the customer may hinder the execution of such duties.
  • When the provision of information is required, the following information shall be notified to the customer in advance, or shall be made readily accessible to the customer, and the provision of the information to third parties shall be suspended at the request of the customer.
    • The purpose of use of the information is to provide it to a third party.
    • The items of personal information to be provided to the third party
    • The means or method of provision to third parties
    • The provision of personal information to third parties shall be discontinued when requested by the person concerned.
  • Disclosure or provision of statistical data or other information in a form that does not identify the person concerned.

A hotel may receive requests from third parties to identify a guest’s name in order to provide services to the guest. Whenever a hotel receives a telephone or oral enquiry from a third party in connection with its services to a guest, it shall answer that question by telephone or orally, and it shall also provide the third party with information on the hotel’s guest services. In the event that we receive a request to take care of a message or luggage, we will do so and inform the guest. At the time of reservation or check-in, we will stop providing personal information to third parties involved in the above services if the guest requests this.


6. Management of personal data

Customer personal information is properly managed and the utmost care is taken to prevent leakage, loss or alteration. In-house training is provided to officers and employees regarding the protection and appropriate handling of customers’ personal information. In addition, the storage period of personal information is determined separately according to the purpose of use, and the information is disposed of in an appropriate manner after the relevant period has elapsed.


7. Disclosure, correction, deletion, addition, cessation of use and erasure

If a customer requests the hotel to I. disclose, II. correct, delete or add to, or III. stop using or erase, the hotel will, after confirming the identity of the requestor, take the following actions within a reasonable period and extent.


However, the hotel may refuse all or part of the request if there is a risk of harm to the life, health or property of the person concerned or a third party, if it would cause significant hindrance to the hotel’s operations, or if it would violate any other laws or regulations.


The hotel will respond to the request with regard to disclosure.

The hotel will respond to requests for correction, deletion or addition of personal information without delay if, after investigating the request, it is found that the requested personal information is untrue or that the handling of the personal information in question is not appropriate.

If, upon investigation of the contents of the request, a breach of this Privacy Policy is found, the use of the information will be suspended or erased.

However, please note that suspension of use or erasure may result in the unwillingness to provide services in accordance with your request, so please be aware of this before making a request.


8. How to make a request for disclosure, etc. and for enquiries

Please contact the following for requests under the preceding paragraph regarding personal data held by the customer and other personal data. However, please note that in all cases, if we are unable to confirm your identity (or confirm that you are the person acting on our behalf according to the content), we will refuse your request.


9. Reception desk

For requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, addition, suspension of use/deletion and notification of purpose of use, please contact


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